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Hello Baby

on March 7, 2013

Dear N,

As I sit here at nearly 31 weeks along, I can feel you punching and rolling and squirming inside of me.  It is different this time than it was with your sister.  With Caitlin, I had no idea what was coming my way and thus no idea how to properly prepare for it.  With you soon to make your arrival, I feel much more prepared and incredibly joyous.  For this time, I know ahead of time what not to take for granted, what moments to treasure and those not worth rushing.  I know to take a deep breath and shake it out when your cries wake me and to know that this, too, shall pass.  Because the next day, you will honor me with a gummy grin, or a tightly held finger, or a first step.  Thanks to your sister, I know now the joy that is coming my way and cannot wait to meet you.  I might’ve shed a tiny private tear when your Nana offered to host a celebratory shower for you.  I didn’t do this because I wanted a shower, but because I’ve known from the very moment I found out about your existence how incredibly special you are.  And, admittedly, second pregnancies get a little neglected by others since they’re not quite as novel, but you, dear, are novel.  You are wonderful, unique and deserving of a celebration.

I cannot wait to meet you.





One response to “Hello Baby

  1. Ana says:

    Yes, it’s different the second time. And yes, truly joyous and worth celebrating! We are super excited to meet her!

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