Love, Mommy

Letters, thoughts and musings for my girls

Girl’s Weekend

on March 15, 2013

Dear Caitlin,

Your daddy was out of town last weekend and I had you all to myself.  I was eager to plan some fun things to do with you, spend some quality time and I think we had a pretty good time!

Saturday morning started out slow and lazy.  We watched a little TV, had some breakfast, read some books.  You ‘helped’ me put on my makeup and used one of my makeup brushes as your magic wand.  Afterwards, we headed over for our first trip to the library.  You absolutely love books, but I was a little worried about a toddler in the library….running, screaming, etc. and I quite honestly have limited energy to chase you these days.  But you loved it!  In fact, my plan had been to spend about an hour there, then head off to a park somewhere to let you run off some energy, but you refused to leave and we stayed well into lunch time. 


We brought home five ‘new’ books for your enjoyment.  We came home, had some breakfast tacos for lunch, then cuddled for awhile (since you refused to nap).  We went to try a new frozen custard place, where you insisted on using your fingers since it was so thick. 


We spent the rest of the afternoon playing outside on the swings, slide, playing soccer.  And, lastly, pulled out the fingerpaints and let you make your own creation.  Clean up is always fun too….a good hose down in the backyard. 


The day was rounded out with some pizza and Tangled, a new favorite of yours.

I know that the specific activities of last weekend will fade over time.  I also know, though, that the feelings of joy that I felt as your mother that weekend will not.  I revel in the times where we can take our time, enjoy each other’s company, and not worry about a single thing except having fun.  No rush to get out the door, get dressed, get in the bathtub….and you are so much happier when you have a little control over your daily activities (just like your mommy!).  Anyway, I had a wonderful time with you last weekend and look forward to making so many more memories as you grow.





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