Love, Mommy

Letters, thoughts and musings for my girls


Mother, wife, employee, friend, sister and daughter.  These are just a few of the roles that I play any given day, and often many at one time.  Women today (and arguably men as the times evolve) are expected to prioritize their roles as none of us is quite perfect enough to manage them all at any given time.  My musings will primarily be about this concept- covering a little bit about being a mommy, a touch about maintaining the passion in my marriage, pieces of family dynamic and dysfunction and all while attempting to climb the corporate ladder.

I’m not naive enough to think that I’ll be saying anything new or that anyone wants to hear it, but will consider it a therapy in itself as well.  I look forward to sharing the ins and outs of a mommy/wife/employee attempting to do it all and primarily just learning as I go.


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